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9m 18m Safety device. Krueger Mark 4K Winch. 4 80t 6 sheaves 50t 4 sheaves 26t 2 sheaves 8t jibbol Counterweight. 27t 91t 90t 89t Weight base crane. 28 t Total weight including all crane parts. 78 t Dimensions main body m. 780m x 340m x 335m Additional Info. Do you have interests in this XCMG QUY80 Crawler? E-mail us or call 32 03 324 40 00. Message Can you contact me about this item XCMG QUY80 Crawler Reference http// More Cranes of XCMG. XCMG QY25K5 CE 8084.
Spider Cranes in BC Spider Cranes in AB Spider Crane Rentals.
With individually adjustable outriggers offering multiple leg extensions and angle positions our spider crane rentals can be set up around and over a number of obstacles. While the 360 degree continuous rotation enables you to safely lift in all directions closer to the center line of rotation than ever before. A compact design allows these mini crawler rentals to travel where traditional cranes cannot.
URW-295 UNIC Spider Crane.
The UNIC 295 was the first of its kind for sale in EU small enough to allow access through a standard doorframe but with 2.9t of lifting power. The spider crane also leads the way technically with an multitude of safety features including a computer-controlled intelligent voice warning system. This spider crane has been used for a number of different applications from steel erection to the installation of cladding panels. Capacity 2.9t x 1.4m. Max working radius 8.41m. Max boom length 8.65m. Petrol powered optional LPG dual electric dual and diesel. Zero length increase with electric option except diesel. Operator control of outrigger extension. Radio remote control as standard.
Maeda USA Maeda Mini Cranes / USA / Sales Rental. Maeda-Home.
Mini Cranes a new versatile and safe tool for lifting in unconventional and difficult situations. Small enough to maneuver into and access job sites where conventional lifting equipment just cant do the job. With spider leg style outrigger design the Maeda cranes can set up for lifting in almost any work space available. Maeda offers a full line of small footprint crawler cranes to help you lift in a new way. Lift safer with machines designed to do it right. Eliminate big cranes by using a Mini crane for small lifting. Easily transport compact Maeda Mini-Cranes to any lift location. Indoors / Roof Tops / Multi-Story Building Floors / Behind Buildings / Underground / More. SALES / RENTALS / SERVICE.
UNIC Cranes Europe Mini Crane Spider Cranes Crane Hire.
The URW-376 provides 2.9 tonnes of lifting capacity and a 14.9m height. This powerful crane has proven invaluable for steel erection curtain walling plant maintenance construction projects and more. The URW-376 spider crane can be controlled either from the onboard operators seat or from a distance using a remote control. Includes a safe load indicator amongst its range of safety features. Learn More Download Brochure. Capable of lifting 3 tonnes at 3.4m or up to 4 tonnes with an optional 5 hook block the URW-506 offers an optimal combination of working flexibility compact size and heavy lifting power.
Spider Crane Mini Crane Spydercrane.
It can be quite difficult to navigate a traditional crane in such areas. Situations such as these are perfect for a SPYDERCRANE as it can easily maneuver in tight areas. When compacted our SPYDERCRANE mini-crawlers are able to travel through an entry as narrow as a standard doorway yet expand to provide a lifting capability of up to 13200 pounds. The SPYDERCRANE lineup of Mini-Crawler mini cranes is an ideal solution for performing aviation maintenance tasks. Our SPYDERCRANEs are used regularly in many aviation facilities for the assembly and maintenance of planes and helicopters.
Mini Cranes Spider Cranes for Hire Sale.
product range and unbeatable after-care service. The latest addition to our UNIC mini crane range. is the UNIC URW-1006 the worlds strongest mini crane. This 10 tonne capacity compact machine is the new giant of the spider crane world. Find out more about the UNIC URW-1006 View the sneak preview. Home Mini Spider Cranes. Capacity 0.995t x 1.5m. Capacity 0.995t x 3.5m. Capacity 0.995t x 3.5m. Max working radius 8.41m. Capacity 2.4t x 1.5m.

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